Here in Bronte, there is only one place you should be going to for all your garage door installation or upgrades. Offering a wide range of quality garage doors and an expert team, we are Brontes’ best!

Enhance the security and style of your Bronte property, with a garage door from KM Garage Doors, the leading NSW design and construction specialist since 1988.

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Bronte’s BEST Accredited B&D Dealer

As prominent builders with over 30 years of experience installing, servicing and repairing garage doors, we are Bronte’s best accredited B&D dealer. We are dedicated to giving our customers the best quality products and great service, which is why B&D are the perfect partners for our business.

For over 60 years, B&D have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing premium quality garage doors that are trusted by all Australians, including the iconic Roll-A- Door. With KM Garage Doors, we make your garage door selection and installation a breeze.

Let us find you the perfect door for your home

Whether you are right on the shoreline or closer inland, KM Garage Doors in Bronte can help you out. As well as being locals, we are experts in industry and can assist with installations, servicing and repairs on garage doors and sheds for any commercial, industrial or residential application. With B&D the options are endless and we will help you find the perfect match, colour and style for your Bronte property.

Strapped for time?

Our B&D To You mobile showroom makes life that much easier when garage door shopping in Bronte. Our team of technical experts will bring our entire mobile showroom experience to you-straight to your doorstep, with an obligation-free consultation. To learn more about this service give us a call today.

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Residential Garage Doors

If you are building Bronte’s newest home, renovating or simply giving your home an upgrade, KM Garage Doors are here to help with all your installation, servicing or upgrade needs. With a wide range of B&D garage doors available in a large variety of styles, designs and finishes, we can match you with the perfect door to complete your property.

Roller Garage Doors

Get absolute peace of mind when you choose a Roll-A-Door. Built with strength and durability at the forefront, the Roll-A-Door is a classic and convenient garage door that is popular with all our Bronte customers. Designed to roll up and sit above the garage entrance, these garage doors offer you access to the ceiling for storage and lighting.

KM Garage Doors offer the following B&D roller doors:

  • Roll-A-Door
  • Roll-A-Door Neo
  • Rollmasta
  • Flex-A-Door

To find out more about our range of B&D roller garage doors, contact us today.

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Sectional Garage Doors

Strong, sleek and quiet, the sectional garage door, or B&D Panelift door, is perfect for garage openings of any shape and size. Consisting of several hinged panels, these garage doors run horizontally along with the ceiling when opened and look like a solid door when closed. Adding a simple, modern twist to the facade of your home, sectional garage doors have both street appeal and security to protect your home.

We have the following B&D sectional doors ready for your home:

  • Panelift
  • Panelift Icon

Industrial and Commercial Garage Doors

Needing a new door for your work shed or car park, we can help. We offer a variety of heavy-duty garage doors and gates that are durable and easy-to-operate. Perfect for all commercial and industrial applications. Find comfort in knowing that your property or business is protected with KM Garage Doors.

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Keep your garage door in top condition

Are you looking to get your Bronte garage door serviced or upgraded? Let us help you! With KM Garage Doors, we supply and install Australian-made B&D residential, commercial and industrial garage doors and can service, repair and maintain existing garage doors.

If you have an existing garage door that you need looked at, give us a call today. We can come to you to complete an audit and assist in getting your garage door back in top condition. Give us a call or fill in a service request form online.

Put an Accredited B&D dealer behind your Bronte garage door today. Operating all across the Northern Beaches, Mosman and the North Shore, we are the experts you need. For more information, call us on (02) 9905 5066.