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Find the perfect garage door for your Sydney home that boasts safety, security, and style. KM Garage Doors are Sydney’s number one choice for garage doors.

Garage Doors

A garage door is so much more than a secure access point. KM Garage Doors supplies only the highest quality garage doors that boast both the convenience of safety and security, plus add to the style and street appeal of your home.

Some questions to consider for your garage door are:

We’ve been helping people find, fit, and maintain garage doors for over 25 years, and we’d love to help you as well.

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Sectional doors

Sectional garage doors are made from a number of rigid panels that move along the garage ceiling as the door opens.

We offer a wide range of colours and designs in Colorbond steel. Or, you can even go for a timber look, opt for powder coating, or choose an aluminium and acrylic finish.

We offer the following B&D sectional doors:

Do you use your garage for more than just storing your car? The home garage, which is most often the biggest room in your home, can make great gyms, workshops, home offices, or even hangout spaces for your kids. Help make this possible by insulating your garage door.

Keep the warmth in during winter and the cool in during summer. Ask us about insulating your garage door today!

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Roller Doors

In 1965, B&D invented the roller door. B&D has spent the last 60 years perfecting it which is why we’ve chosen to partner with them. When you buy a roller door with KM Garage Doors, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the highest quality workmanship and care.

Roller doors are great for home garages, but we also offer a range of B&D semi-industrial and commercial rollers doors.

Roller doors come in Colorbond steel with options for airflow. With its traditional look and long operational life, the roller door is certainly the workhorse of garage doors.

Some of the B&D roller doors we offer include:

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Specialty doors

If you’re looking to replace your existing tilt door, or perhaps you just have restricted headroom in your garage, then you might like to consider a tilt garage door.

These doors are best suited for low-headroom situations, and they come in a range of materials such as steel and timber. They’re most popular in unit blocks.

Some features of tilted garage doors:

Our other specialty doors include:

As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from. We can also mix and match panels if you’d like to achieve a unique style.

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